Founded in 1994, Tangram Ltd is a society with private capital. Major objective of its activity consists in processing double impregnated PVC foils. Resulting from our work there are: covers for cars, trucks, goods train, industrial use, covers of bigger dimensions for populated areas, publicity signs. We are processing PVC foils of good quality which we adapt for the particularities of each work. We use a great diversity of colours. Our products are long-lasting and resistent, what they prove year after year.

The success of our products is based on quality, aesthetic aspect, short-time production, finding the best fitting technical solution for each client. We handle with the same attention every work no matter what size is requested, the location or the client. Most important for us is that the client should be satisfied by the work done. We hope, that by the precision we work with, special attention paid for every detail of the work in particular and the good quality of the work done, we obtain the appreciation and fidelity of our clients.

We have the same suppliers for years because they proved the good quality of their products what we can also guarantee. Our main supplier of double impregnated PVC foils is Sattler Europe - Austria . For special orders we need special foils which are brought to us by the Romanian representation of Ferrari - Franta and Giovanardi - Italia : Trans Truc International Ltd - Timisoara and Polytex Ltd Bucuresti. This way we want to thank them for their support.

Our major clients are: Interbrew, Brau Union Romania, JT International, Petrom Co, Canal 7 Ltd, RBG Phoenix Co, Siromex Ltd, Maratrans Co, Tudnino Ltd, Kenwroth Ltd, Do not hasitate to contact us for further details on material, technical particularities, dead-line, delivery etc.